Some Fall Photos

Carl and Karen(sm)



A few of the fun families I've had the honor of photographing lately....

Up top:  As I was taking photos of these two, it occurred to me, "Isn't this about the time you got married last year?"  In fact, it was the exact same day.  They're making a tradition of doing photos on their anniversary each year.  Talk about ideas I wish I'd had nine years ago!

In the middling area:  One of my college roomies with her family and kids.  All three of her children are darling, but I could have taken the baby home with me, he was such a sweetie-pea.

Down low:  A Christmas gift from daughter (in the blue) to mom (in the red)--pictures of the entire family.  All told, it was three good puppies, two pretty ladies, one tolerant boyfriend, and a very patient cat.  

It all got me thinking that I really must do some pictures of Moe-moe soon.  It's been far too long since the last time I, um, photographed him.  

[Oh, yes, and the winner of the Hey Freddie giveaway is Andrea!]