Give Thanks


At the beginning of this month, I decided it might be fun to use our chalkboard wall to keep a gratitude list.  Nothing formal, no once-a-day requirment or anything like that.  Just the things we thought of as we passed through and were inspired to pick up the chalk--the best sort of (lowercase) thanks giving.  In no particular order....

  1. Blankies
  2. Fresh eggs
  3. Healthy knees
  4. Dental insurance
  5. The foam roller
  6. Fall leaves
  7. Clean bathroom
  8. Coffee
  9. Peppermint bark
  10. The "Pitch Perfect" soundtrack
  11. Fuzzy pants
  12. Yarn
  13. Nice husband
  14. Ability to spell
  15. BACON
  16. NAPS!
  17. Wonderful grandmas
  18. Cartoons
  19. Family draw
  20. Teamwork
  21. Cheeseburgers with onions
  22. Lavendar lotion
  23. Books

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!