November Habit [Week 5]


November 24. Oh hey.  There it is.  Silly me.  How could I have ever gotten in the Christmas mood before I pulled out the twinkle lights?

DesktopNovember 25. He complimented my hair and I said, "Thank you." But I felt like he was talking to his memories more than to me.

November 26. I'm a sherpa who gets paid in fingerpaintings.  Luckily, I really love hand turkeys.

IMG_1411November 27. It was chaotic and he was clingy, but I always like getting the chance to hang out in his world.

IMG_1507November 28. It makes me a little sad that he doesn't have the gaggle of cousins that I did.  But we make-do.

IMG_1784November 29. Thankful, grateful, blessed--there aren't really enough words.