On Advent and Calendars

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We arrived home from Thanksgiving late Saturday night, a few pounds heavier, but all filled up with food and family.  And now we begin the Christmas season in earnest.

Nearest I can remember, it's been about 25 years since I've had one of these cardboard advent calendars with a mediocre chocolate behind each door.  But this year--with a Kid who enjoys having just a bite of something sweet after dinner and doesn't care so much if it's not fancy--it seemed like just the thing.

I think it's the most structured "advent calendar" we'll have.

I love jumping hardcore into Christmastime, but, at the age the Kid is, I think even trying to do one little thing every day would be too much.  Overwhelming for him, stressful for me--the opposite of merry for all.

Instead, I've tentatively penciled in just a few simple things each week--latkes for the last night of Hanukkah, writing letters to Santa, unwrapping Christmas jammies--with the idea that if it happens, it happens.  And if not, oh well.

Other than two big events that I just couldn't live without--our annual Christmas Parade Party and a trip to see "The Polar Express" in our jammies--my goal is to have a beautiful, but a little more low-key December.

In addition to breaking out the cardboard calendar, today we decorated the house.  Sweet Husband crawled on the roof to hang the lights, and I hung the greens (thankfully, lower down!).  The Kid and I also slipped outside late this afternoon to decorate another structure that I've wanted to add some twinkle lights to for a few years now. 

The Ladies seemed confused, but I know it's going to make me smile all December long.