The Fourth Non-Random Handmade :: A Christmas Basket


It's that time of year when I, at least, start looking back and thinking of the things I've left unfinished.  One of those is the "non-random handmade" Facebook meme I began in January.

As a refresher, the premise was that the person posting the status agreed to make one handmade thing for the first five people to comment, but those five people, in turn, had to post the same status and make things for the first five people to comment.  

I completed the first three quickly (a yoga bag and a pair of infinity scarves), but then got stuck on the fourth--something for my old "honorary mom", Lora.  I'd been batting around the idea of a crocheted basket for months, but when we scheduled a lunch date over Thanksgiving I knew it was time to get on it.

I had some white cotton thread so, working it something like this tutorial shows, I began crocheting a small basket.  When I was done, I was basically happy, but the sides were a little floppier than I wanted.  I quickly dug into my stash of cookie tins and found one that was just the right size to "line" the basket--perfect!

And, of course, giving an empty basket is bad luck, so I had to fill it with a holiday pine cone garland.

Now just one person left--Sweet Husband.  Unfortunately, I can't show that here until after Christmas, but you all can have faith that I'm elving away!