The Third Annual Christmas Parade Watching Party







The first year we lived in this house we inadvertently discovered that it's on the route that the Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade takes to reach its start point.  Ever since then--for 3 years now--we've made it a tradition to have an open house for friends to come over and watch the entirely horse-drawn parade.  (Here are year 1 and year 2.)

This year will go down as the year is was so freaking cold.  Which made watching from our house just perfect, really.

Everyone huddled inside very cozily--the grown-ups downstairs, the small fry in the Kid's room--drinking vats of spiced cider and noshing on baked nibbles.  Then someone shouted, "The horses are coming!"  There was a flurry of coats and scarves and mittens, as we all bundled quickly and ran outside to watch.  

It was a shorter parade this year--horses get cold too, I suppose--but nonetheless merry for it.