Fall 2004 Vegetable Garden

For my first attempt at vegetable gardening, I planted a small fall garden from seed that came from Parks Seeds. I got started a little bit late--it was mid-September before I planted.

I grew...
...green onions ("Onion Parade")
...broccoli ("Lucky Hybrid")
...leaf lettuce ("Summer Glory Blend").

The lettuce came up wonderfully in big beautiful bunches, but I think the broccoli and the onions suffered from the late start. We were able to use a few of the bigger onions, but most of them weren't really big enough by the time the first really cold freeze came along and killed them. Something ate a lot of the leaves on the broccoli, but it had started to recover and looked like it might be thinking about sprouting. Then the aforementioned really cold freeze hit and that was that.

The plants did really well through the first minor frosts, but next year I need to plant earlier to maybe get some veggies before it gets too cold.