Cozy Christmas-y


[A smattering of shots from our Christmas.  I rarely had a free hand for my big camera, but that's the miracle of cell phones, yes?]

Maybe a year or two ago, my dad said he'd love to come visit for Christmas some year when the Kid still believed in Santa.  With the timing of Little Miss's birth guaranteeing we'd be staying close to home, we decided that this was the year.

It ended up being perfect.  The Kid had a blast crashing cars and trains with his "Paw", and mama and dada enjoyed the good company (and extra set of hands), too.  We didn't do much special--piles of good food, way too many viewings of "Rudolph", a blustery Christmas day hike, and hours spent passing the baby back and forth--but it made for a sweet, cozy Christmas.

Hope your holiday was merry as well!