Spring Bulbs Planted

I planted bulbs for Spring in mid-October. If I plant more bulbs next year I need to do it later I think. It was really warm at the end of October this year and the crocuses decided it was time to come up early! Fortunately they didn't actually bloom, so I'm told (by my Mom, who generally knows about these things) that they might still flower in the spring. Their leaves are filling up the bed nicely right now, so it's all good either way. Because of the vegetable garden and very limited space, I planted the bulbs in between the vegetable rows--not sure how that will work exactly, but we'll see this spring!

I planted ...
...50 crocus bulbs (large flowered mix/Parks),
...50 Grape Hycinth (Parks),
...10 Black "Queen of the Night" Tulips (Earl May)
...25 red "triumph" tulips (Earl May).

I also planted three Irises that came as freebies with the other Parks bulbs.
"Stellar Lights"--light lavendar
"Earl of Essex"--white and lavendar
"Harvest of Memories"--yellow