Pruning for the potted herbs

Almost forgot to mention that I pruned my potted lavendar and sage. I've been reading a lot about Lavendar in anticipation of trying to grow some outside in the Spring, and supposedly in order for it to grow corectly it has to be hardcore pruned once a year. So, since mine was starting to look a little spindly, I cut it back to about a third of it's original size. It looks much better.

While I was at it, I also pruned the hell out of my Sage plant ... no, make that my Sage blob. I was about to throw it away anyway, because it was really brown and nasty in places, but at the same time it kept putting out new stunted leaves. Basically I had nothing to loose--because this was not a pretty plant at this point--so I cut it back to just a few inches tall just leaving the skinny little trunks. I think that was just what it needed, the little fellow is already putting out new healthy leaves again.