His Quilt, Finished!



I know, I know--this isn't how it's supposed to work in blog-land.  I'm supposed to wait and show you all the holiday handmades after they've been given away.  But this one came in the mail yesterday, and I just can't wait.  (Also, as it's for my own child and he can't read yet, we're golden!)

It is, of course, the Kid's quilt.  Finished in under a year, which is a new land-speed record for me.

But it never would have come together so quickly if not for the lovely Ms. Nikki, a.k.a. the Girl Who Quilts.  I swear, that girl has a magic wand.  I sent her a few patched together pieces of fabric and she sent me back a beautiful new blanket.  Mailing it off to her really was a marvelous way to get all the tedious parts done quickly.

After pulling the quilt out of its box to admire it, I couldn't resist spreading it out on the Kid's bed for a second, just to get the full effect.  It's his "need" present this year (of the want/need/wear/read quadrangle), so I expect it to be boring compared to any toy with wheels.  Nonetheless, I'm tickled to pieces.