A Sweetheart of a Day....

That's what the weather man said it was going to be this morning, and he was right--it's absolutely beautiful here!

I had a few hours between work and school this morning so I got outside and finished mulching over the yard. I've given up on trying to make grass from weeds. I was only leaving it for Porter House, and she always poops and hangs out in the mulch anyway. I think she likes the chocolatey smell. Considering the space we have I'd rather have flowers and veggies than try to struggle with the grass.

But, anyway, while I was out playing, I noticed I have some bulbs just starting to nip up. I don't remember what they are, of course, but that makes it all that much more fun. I think they're probably crocuses because I think they bloom first, but they could be hyacinths or daffofils or maybe even my pretty red tulips.