Tomatoes and Bulbs and Weeds, Oh My!

My very sweet grandparents-in-law gave us a wonderful little tomato growing box when we were home last weekend, so I went to Sunrise and got some grape tomatoes (my very favorite!) to plant in it. I bought three plants, but I only had room to plant two in the box, so one just got stuck in the yard. I planted ....

Mexican Midget
Yellow Pear

The bulbs are looking very ragged these days. It's taking all of my will power to not just hack them all down. Next year I either need to move them or plant more so I don't have the scraggliness. Note to self, don't plant dandelions and tulips in the yard!

And the weeds! I've planted a little flower plot (poppies, black-eyed Susan's, Sunflowers, and others) so it's hard to tell what's a weed and what's a flower.

I thought I had a good plan so that things would stay neat, but it's not going so well right now. I need to get out and move some things and get rid of some things and just kind of clean house a little. Guess that's why this is my practice garden ....