Herb Garden

Got my little herb garden all laid out today--basically it's lotsa basil for yummy pesto sauce. Here's the skinny ....

Lemon Basil/Roma Dwarf Basil/Cinnamon Basil/Eucalyptus/Cilantro

African Blue Basil/Spicy Globe Basil/Opal Basil/Sweet Basil/Lettuce Leaf Basil


Very nice!

Blaine also picked out a "collosal pepper" plant that's living in a pot (along with the mexican midget tomato) until the broccoli and lettuce are done and they can have their spots in the yard.

The wildflower patch is coming along alright. The Sunflowers have come up nicely, and I've been able to identify some Morning Glory along the fence, but otherwise it's a little hard to tell the difference between the flowers and the weeds. I'm kind of just letting things go for now and we'll se what blooms.

I also planted the sky pencils in the tiny bed in front of the house--not perfect for that spot, but they'll do.

Pictures soon!