Reclaiming space for the doggies

We spent our Memorial Day doing an overhaul to give the dogs a bit more room. After a few failures, I think we finally got the fence Moe-proofed which was the major priority. We also moved some bricks and cleared some stuff out--namely the broccoli which only produced a few disappointing sprouts. But to be fair they were a little cramped. Basically we cordoned off an area for basil and veggies, and we've agreed to let the rest go wild.

Basil and veggies

Tomato plants in the grow box

Baby Tomatoes hangin' out in the rain

from the gate

A pretty little prarie flower I picked up at Sunrise for one of my tin cans

Nastrium's starting to bloom

I made a little water garden last week in this basin that I found at "Junque". The dog's like to drink out of it (icky) and Moe keeps thinking he needs to reposition the water crocuses (tall skinny one in the back), BUT other than that it's getting along swimmingly.

The Leonidas rose has been a little finicky (I was fairly warned that it would be) but worth it.

Black Baccara

I picked up this minature rose at Sunrise. It is an "Autumn Sunblaze" and has been blooming like crazy as you can see.

Autumn Sunblaze up close

Remember those "baby" Sunflowers from a month ago? I think they make it feel kind of jungle-like (not to mention they're hiding all my tools!)

This is "Herbo" our little garden-deity. He was given to us by our friend Donnie (best man in our wedding and all around stand-up guy). As you can see, he had a little accident this week. Moe decided he didn't like the way Herbo was looking at him, and so proceeded to shake him by the head until his tail clinked against something that broke it off. Poor Herbo! Bad Moe!

Psychadelic hens and chicks

The jade that I brought from California at Christmas is still growing well.

I transplanted this spearmint from my in-laws garden last fall. I thought it had died this winter, but apparently I underestimated it. I think it's going to stage an uprising soon.

A moon vine just starting to climb the fence.