Moral dilemma

I'm not all about using chemicals to garden. I've done well so far without and (even though they say it's harmless, yadie, yadie, yadah) I just don't really much like the idea. But, a few weeks ago the roses got aphids, and then powedery mildew, and then they looked like they were going to die (pesky hybrid teas). And--as pain in the butt as they are--they're absolutely beautiful. Sooo...I freaked out and got some systemic (fertilizer and bug killer) rose food...and then I sprayed for the powdery mildew.

It worked like a charm--goodbye aphids, goodbye other icky stuff.

But I hate doing it. It stinks and I have to make sure I keep the dogs away and I look like a masked bandit because I have to cover my face so I don't breathe it in. This gets me funny looks from the neighbors, which further adds to the unplesantness.

But it worked like a charm. Why do things that are so bad have to work so well?

And I know there are other ways to deal with the roses, but they were expensive enough that I don't want them to die while I experiment. And I don't want the cost of experimenting when I know the icky stuff will work.

The broke-ass college student in me is defeating my moral scruples for today, but someday, when I have lots of space and cash and time I promise I'll be better. I'll grow native roses and give them lots of good compost and beneficial bugs and all kinds of happy stuff that doesn't smell bad or hurt the earth.