Pittsburg Garden Tour

The Garden of Weed'n belongs to Eva Smith.

My way cool mother-in-law and I went on the Pittsburg, Kansas garden tour this weekend. We had a nice morning, and made it through most of the gardens.

But the real treat for me was when we stumbled into the garden pictured below. I've driven past it for at least two summers and always wanted to stop, but I'm a little shy about doing stuff like that so I hadn't ever gotten a peak. It was one of the gardens that we didn't intend to stop at, but when I saw that it was open for the tour I knew we had to make time to see it.

It was just like my garden (the one I'm planning in my head for when we have fields of earth 'stead of just a "bit") except that I would do more raised beds I think (just cause I'm a little lazy). Nice-sized beds of veggies, all kinds of flowers, a nice pergola with grape vines growing on it, a little bench all tucked back in the shade--even a little boardwalk path. And outside the fence huge fields for a background--it was pretty much perfect.

Grape vines on the pergola

What a place to curl up with a good book!

A great idea for old broken pots