Chickens--my imaginary flock

Ok, so I feel kind of silly for posting this, but I've been thinking about it for awhile and I think (you know, "someday" as usual) I'd like to try keeping chickens for eggs. I like the idea of free-range (or at least not crammed into a tiny cage) chickens--sad, scared chickens aren't a fun thing to think about when you're making breakfast. I also like the idea of helping to keep alive cool breeds of chicken (no ugly white chickens in my pretend coop).

It's funny, with all the animals we had when I was little, we never kept chickens. So I was doing some research (i.e. what do you have to do to keep the darned things) and I went through and picked some that are (sorry, the law student in me has to say it) "allegedly" good egg layers and pretty and easy to keep too.

Without further adieu, my flock ....

Chamois Campine

Gold and Silver Cuckoo Marans

Maran eggs--don't they look like perfect easter eggs?



Thanks for the pictures nice people at!