The Tale of My Tomatoes

As a summary for next year ....

The Yellow Pears produced a very tasty tomato or two about every other day. They were so pretty too! I had to smile at them everytime I walked by. Definitely something to grow again.

The Mexican Midgets are still making tons of tomatoes! They're tiny, but have amazing flavor. Very few actually made it into anything--there were a few times they didn't even make it inside to be washed! They were also completely easy to grow--they ended up getting what I thought was a kind of crappy spot in the garden, but the plant is now enormous. Definitely a grow again.

The Juliets were the only real disappointment. They were a little green inside, even when the outsides were nice and red and ripened. It hasn't made many tomatoes (although it hasn't had the greatest of growing conditions) and they don't have nearly the flavor of either of the other tomatoes I grew, or even of store bought roma's. I don't think I would grow these again.