A White and Green Christmas Day Tromp [With a Beanie for You]

CHristmasday2 Christmasday1 Christmasday3
It's become an informal tradition--once presents have been opened and a leisurely breakfast has been eaten--to head out for a walk on Christmas Day.  When we're having a green Christmas, we tend to go further afield to a local trail.  But with snow on the ground this year, our neighborhood was adventure enough.

The Kid ate his weight in snow as Sweet Husband and I desperately tried to guide him towards the not dirty patches.  Then, after rolling together a dressed down little snowman, we headed to the park for some big, open spaces to pull the Kid's sled.

Of course, he wanted to go fast.  So the parents became draft horses.

After I slipped while running in the snow, the Kid suggested that he should pull me in the sled.  As you can see from the pictures, there were logistical difficulties with that (Mama's butt > the Kid's sled!), so we trudged home instead.

So where was the green in all that, you ask?  It's the Kid's bright green beanie.  (Tee-hee, see what I did there?)

It was made by a company called Repreve, which recycles plastic bottles into clothing.  If you're active outdoors, chances are good that you've worn something made from Repreve.  Patagonia, The North Face, Polartec, and Swiftwick Socks are all among the companies that use it.

Of course, I think most of us are trying not to use plastic bottles at all these days, but there are always times you get caught unprepared and thirsty.  For those times, it's good to know that there are companies out there innovating to make something useful out of the waste.

The Kid's beanie, for example, was made from 6 recycled water bottles.  Kinda cool, yes?

Even better, I have an extra beanie to giveaway to one of you.  In case you can't tell, it's a grown-up sized beanie, although--with the brim rolled up--it would be great for a small one you don't want to lose in the woods, too.  

To win, check out the companies that use Repreve, then come back and leave the name of one in the comments.    I'll pick a winner next Friday.

[This post was sponsored by Repreve, which also supplied both beanies.  My opinions are, as always, my own.]