If you're laughing...

...I don't want to know. After saving Mexican Midgets for a week, I decided to "put some away" this morning. After $10 (jars and tongs), 2 hours, and numerous scalding water burns this was the result--5 half pints of tomatoes. My conclusion--they'll have to taste pretty damn good (and, I mean, we're talking tiny little tomato gods) to be worth it. But, hey, I'm an optimist maybe they will.

Second conclusion--I have a whole new respect for my grandmother and anyone else who used to do this all the time...by the hundreds.

I think I would have been happier (and gotten more bang for my time) if I had used big tomatoes, but my midgets are so much tastier. I think I may try freezing the ones that are on the bush now. I've read that that works ok if you're only planning to use the tomatoes in sauces and stuff, which is what we'll do. The only problem with that is that we have limited freezer space (in comparison to our super deep pantry shelves), but I think we can make room for tomatoes.