Powell Gardens

Blaine and I went on a little "road trip for the soul" (so the slogan is) today to Powell Gardens outside of Kansas City. They're having a tree house exhibit this summer and we're pretty wild about those so we thought it would be a well-spent afternoon. Ended up being a little disappointed in the treehouses (what good is a tree house if you can't get up into the tree?) but we really loved the pictured "Kiderpillar Cocoon" which you could get up and play in.

I also thought the Island Garden was great. They had the big lilypads that looked like you could float on them or maybe use them for tea cup saucers. I was making Blaine laugh by trying to figure out just how big of a pond we would need to dig to grow some of our own.

Also the glass chappel was beautiful--made me want to get married again just because.

Their butterfly festival starts tommorow. We peeked in the door and it looks like it will be great fun, we were kind of sad to have missed it.