Holiday Handmade Parade

IMG_3131 copyKnitted washcloths from my Nice Mother-In-Law.

It's funny, the things that we get excited about when we're grown-ups.  At age 7, a stack of knitted washcloths would have been the disappointment of my whole Christmas, but at age 33 they're an awesome gift.  They also made me smile because they are evidence that I fell for a common knitter's subterfuge.  When I saw my mother-in-law working on these over the fall, she consistently claimed they were for someone else.  I'm glad she fibbed so well, because I enjoyed the surprise more that way.

11041485025_c58324a242_bInfused peach bourbon and citrus vodka for our friends.

This was such a nice thing to giveaway in bulk, because most of the work for it was done in September when we infused the bourbon.  A case of bottles from Fillmore Container (I mention them because they were most reasonable by far) made the booze awfully cute.IMG_3348

Knitted socks for Sweet Husband.

This was my "big one" knitting project this year.  Even though it doesn't look as epic as a sweater, I assure you that my fingers have the blisters to prove the amount of work.  I told Sweet Husband they might be the first and last pair of socks I'll ever knit.  I'm so glad that the next project I chose is on sensible size 8's instead of teensy-weensy 2's.IMG_3375

The Kid's train board from Santa.

In providing instructions to Santa this year, I felt a little guilty suggesting that the Kid's big gift should be a train board.  It was a little selfish, truth-be-told, because I really just wanted a way to easily slide the train under our couch at the end of the day.

But then the Kid played with it all day on Christmas, barely wanting to stop for even food.  So I felt less bad after that.
11041621064_b61be820ee_bBody butter for Sweet Husband's co-workers.

This will probably be in our gift rotation for many years to come.  I'm super picky about personal care products, so it's rare that I find a homemade lotion (or store-bought, for that matter) that I really love.  This one passes the test with flying colors.  It's my favorite thing for dry winter skin.

IMG_3134 copy

A key chain chapstick holder from my nice friend, Cara.

Earlier this year, my friend Cara got a sewing machine.  I knew it would lead to good things.  And, no doubt about it, not having to dump out the entire contents of your purse to find your chapstick is a very good thing.
IMG_3473Stuffed train for the Kid.

After searching and searching for a good pattern or pre-made stuffed train, I finally found this guy from Leikey Designs.  I'm hoping it can replace the Kid's sharp plastic and metal trains as a sleeping buddy.  The jury's still out on that, but it cannot be debated that this is an adorable train.