The World's Most Local Burger

Tonight sweet husband and I went to a new restaurant in Lawrence called "The World's Most Local Burger." Local Burger is similar to a typical burger joint, but the menu consists of all humanely raised and mostly local product.

The concept for the restaurant is great. It's all tricked out like a 50's style diner, right down to the little red baskets that your burger comes in. The food was also quite tasty. I had the chili and sweet husband had a burger, and both were very good.

There is a great review on as well as a nice summary. The only caveat I have about the review is that I think they're wrong about the price. It was about double the cost of our average fast food bill by the time we got drinks and all of that (which is reasonable considering you're getting a lot better quality food).

The only thing we were a little disappointed with was lack of extras. The menu offers a regular burger and a deluxe burger, and then in really tiny print says that the difference between the two is that the deluxe burger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle. Sweet husband didn't read the fine print and was pretty disappointed when his burger came out completely plain. And since the restaurant is not full service it wasn't simply a matter of asking our waitress for the toppings. To get them, he would have had to start over waiting in a (very long) line, or cut in front of someone in the same line (not so good either way) so he just ended up going without. The table next to us had the same problem, and I also ended up going without crackers for my chili.

Being ex-restaurant people (i.e. extra picky) that kind of irritated both of us, because, really, the "extras" we were missing aren't really extras anymore--they're "expecteds." And I know some restaurants don't put stuff on the side unless people order it because it creates waste--and that's ok--but we just thought it should have been either more evident from the menu or explained to us by the person who took our order, ya know?

Other than that though, Local Burger was great, and now that we know how to order and get what we want, I think we'll go back now and then.