Blue Hubbard Squash

We were at the Merc today when I saw this pretty Blue Hubbard Squash (yes I know, it's another squash in the house but we did eat the second pumpkin tonight so it's one in, one out). When we were at the checkout the cashier asked us if we were going to eat it or carve it. As I was tilting my head considering the question--and thinking that it would make a wicked cool jack-o-lantern--Sweet Husband said, "It's food, I think things that are food are for eating." Which amused both the cashier and me.

The color of the picture is a little distorted--it's really kind of blue green. I'm really interested to see what color it is inside. If it's more blue I think we could make some fun mashed squash. My mom is very opposed to blue food (in a funny, just to be onery sort of way)--methinks I feel a Thanksgiving prank coming on....

(Update: Eh, did some checking online (you didn't think I was going to cut mine open yet, did you?) and it turns out they're orange inside, but they're still too pretty.)