The First Fire

I was silly and insisted that we eat dinner outside tonight. I'm a little overly fond of those great little outdoor eating areas on Mass Street--I love the open air, the trees with the ruffled leaves, the little birds scavenging for crumbs, the people watching. Which leads to a tendency to push it a bit with the weather--shivering outside at the end of February to catch the first of Spring and shuffling my feet to keep warm in October so as to enjoy Fall before it blends into Winter.

And it's been very definitely been Fall here this past week. A cold front came in on Monday and it's been sweater weather ever since. So, by the time we got home from our chilly Chipotle alfresco I was cold-cold and Sweet Husband suggested we bring in some of our axe handles (of the Roaring River post in August) and make a fire in our little tee-pee shaped fireplace. Smells incredible. Makes homework better. Goodness, I love Fall.

(Update: Not to cast aspersions on such a nice romantic little post, but perhaps where we were really pushing it was to try for a fire in mid-October. By the end of the evening we both had to go upstairs and open the windows to cool off!)