Following Sheep To Crocs

Today, I succummed and joined the millions of fashion-sheep who wear Crocs. It took a really long time for me to get to this point. If and when I jump into something that's a trend, I try to be at least a little selective about it and only buy and wear the stuff that I really like as opposed to just picking up everything that comes along. And let's face it Crocs are pretty darn ugly--especially in some of the colors they've come up with! No one over the age of ten should wear neon pink rubber shoes. No one.

But I will admit, I've thought they'd be very convenient for working outside--still washable and breathable, but a little more toe protection than my standard flip-flops.

And then this weekend I noticed that Adorable Baby Niece had a pair that were a really nice mellow greeny-blue color (I was blessed with a sister-in-law with excellent taste). I later found out the color is called "sage"....which is ever so much better than neon pink.

And then I wore mean shoes (heels that hurt) for two days which gave me nasty blisters, and earned me sympathetic looks from complete strangers because I was obviously in pain.

And then (after being unable to find the knock off Airwalk version in the right color and size) I did some research on the Crocs website (which is ever-so-much fun and, of course, chock full of reasons that you "gotta have 'em") and discovered that Crocs are non-marking, slip resistant (can't say that for my flip-flops), bacteria and odor resistant, and fully sterilizable.

Well, how could I not buy such a wonderful shoe?

But in defense of both myself and my new shoes, they are terribly, terribly comfortable...and they are such a nice color...and everybody else is wearing them, right?

Ok, but I solemnly swear that I will never, ever, ever, EVER own Ugg boots. (Well, maybe I shouldn't say never....)