A Sleepy Welcome to '14



We had "toddler new year's" to ring in 2014.  Our friends generously opened their house to four little ones with parents in tow.  The parents noshed and talked, as the kiddos ran amok.  

Sometime later in the evening, we discovered that the Kid had pushed a chair up to the cookie tray and was liberally helping himself.  I suppose it's only New Year's Eve once a year.

Everyone was having such a good time, but I was a little happy when I noticed one of our hosts starting to doze a little in his armchair.  Because then I didn't mind letting my eyes droop a little too.  

From which you might guess that we didn't quite make it to midnight.  But I think being snug in your bed cuddling with a warm toddler is a very valid way to ring in a new year.

Today was equally slow and sleepy.  Sweet Husband and I had wisely decided ahead of time to start our New Year's healthy eating resolutions on the 2nd, so we enjoyed the tail-end of the holiday food.

After an epic nap with the Kid--the kind just perfect for a grey, January day--I made a pot of pho for dinner.  As we were dishing out plates, I cautioned Sweet Husband,

Me: Don't cut the Kid's noodles, it's bad luck.

Sweet Husband: Like how bad luck?  What will happen?

Me: It could shorten his life.

Sweet Husband: Why do we eat noodles on New Year's again?  It seems dangerous.

Fortunately, we all survived.  And now it's snowing hard, so I think I'm ready to sleep even more, if you can believe it.

If this is how 2014 is going to go, I think it's going to be a very cozy year.