Sniffing Geranium Cuttings

This summer when I was buying herbs I spotted a few different kinds of scented geraniums mixed in with the mints. They probably wouldn't have even caught my eye, but in one of my very favorite books, Anne of Green Gables, Anne has an apple-scented geranium that she names "Bonnie".

The ones for sale were lemon-scented geraniums, not apple, but I got two none-the-less. They had a nice summer outside, but when I started bringing stuff in for colder times I realized I only have windowsill space for one. Last winter I checked out a book about propagation and I remember reading that one way to economize where geraniums are tender is to take a cutting from your plant in the fall and let it root over winter. If I remember correctly, I'll have to get it started in dirt in a month or so, and by spring it should be ready for it's own grown up pot.

So, a little experiment--we have one geranium freshly repotted and pruned and we have two geranium cuttings from the other plant rooting in water with just a titch of rooting powder on the ends. May the best plant win.