A Visit From Jack Frost

We had our first frost this morning. I'm enjoying one last sweet semmester of college student sleeping hours, so I would have missed it entirely if Sweet Husband hadn't told me he heard it on the news. I guess we were down to 28 degrees--brrrr!

Whenever I think of frost I think the old Jack Frost Rankin/Bass holiday cartoon. In the cartoon, Jack Frost is spreading winter when he falls in love with a human girl. Father Winter has the power to turn Jack into a human and give him a chance to make the girl love him back, but only until the first day of Spring. It's very endearing, although the end is kind of sad.

Before Jack becomes human though, he flies around and makes frost appear on everything with his breath. When I was little that's how I thought the frost got onto my windows in the morning--Jack Frost came by in the night and blew on my windows.

Actually, frost happens when the temperature drops below the dew point (the point at which water vapor turns to liquid) and then below freezing. So basically, it's dew freezing.

Not nearly as exciting as Jack Frost.