Aww, Nuts!

If you've been reading, you will know that a few weeks ago I started an acorn experiment, planting some outside and some inside to see how they would grow. All the directions I read said, "Make sure you protect the acorns from squirrels." But I thought, "I have two dogs who love to chase squirrels, surely that will be all the protection I could need." Wrong!

I was pulling up to the house in my car yesterday afternoon, when I noticed a fuzzy little fellow frantically ripping up what's left of the greens in my grow box to dig up my poor sweet acorns. He was right there in front of me--bold as brass--with a look on his face that was clearer than if he could have spoken--JACKPOT!

So, a few notes to self:
1. Dogs do not = acorn protection
2. There will be no oak saplings in the grow box this spring to compare with the ones kept inside

But watching the squirrel--and indeed, making his day--was probably more fun than watching oak saplings grow would have been, so I won't hold a grudge.