Moe Speaks: Brrr....

The weather finally got cold here. Dad is crazy because he still wants to sleep with the windows OPEN (he was an eskimo dog in his first life, I swear). Mom said words that I don't think puppies are supposed to hear when she got out of bed this morning. I was even shivering and I have my own fur coat!

And now they're arguing (well, not really, but play arguing) because Mom wants to start a fire and Dad said it's too hot. She said if we can't have a fire he could at least go get her slippers. He said that's what Porter and I are for. I would love to go get Mom her slippers. They're really fuzzy and I could kill them first. That would be fun. But I can't open the door to the bedroom so, no such luck.

I don't know about this cold stuff though. I keep debating whether I really need to make pee or not. I ring my bell to go out, but then Mom opens the door and I feel the cold come in and I'm not so sure. We made a deal, though--I'll go outside, but she has to put my sweatshirt on first. Dad laughs at us, but it does make me warmer.