Moe Speaks: A Strange Thing

Mom did something a little strange today. She went upstairs into the crawl space and pulled out two big boxes (I helped with that part). We took them downstairs and one had a tree inside. Well, it's green like a tree, and tall like a tree, but I tasted it and it's definitely not a real tree. 

Then she opened the other box and there were all kinds of things inside that looked like chewy toys and balls. But Mom said they weren't for eating. I was very confused. Then she started putting the toys on the tree--even more confusing! Then, the weirdest thing of all, she put a Jayhawk on top! A fuzzy one that looks like it's laughing at me all the time!

But then she did something with a plug and all these pretty lights came on. I'm not sure what it's all about, but I have a feeling it might mean some treats are on the way!