Moe Speaks: Searching For a Bed

Mom spent the evening washing all the good smells out of her clothes--she does funny things like that sometimes. After she took the clothes out of the warm, spinning thing, she brought them to the couch to fold in the basket. 

Her basket of nice warm clothes looked very inviting, and I was a little sleepy. So, I hopped inside to take a little pre-bedtime snooze when no one was looking. 

I really didn't think Mom would mind, but when she saw me her eyes got wide and she smacked her hand to her forehead like she does when I'm about to be in trouble. But then she started laughing at me! You never know about her. 

She said I couldn't stay in the clothes, but she found a nice, smelly blanket and put it in the other basket and tucked me right in with my squeaky and everything. I think I could get used to a bed like this.