Moe Speaks: Possessed By Demons

Since I woke up this morning I have ruined one pair of underwear, eaten Mom's oatmeal, and chewed through Mom's ipod case (she caught me before I got to the actual ipod). I chewed on the wall, repeatedly tormented Porter, and got on top of--yes, that's right, all the way on top of--the kitchen table. 

Mom said she thought I had grown out of this phase, and she suspects I'm acting out because I've been a little cooped up because of the weather. So, she took me--just me, Porter stayed home--to the pet stores for a walk and to work on some training.

While we were there I growled at a little Pomeranian and tried to maul a fluffy Golden Retreiver-esque puppy. 

Mom says I must be possessed.

(But I did sit very nicely at the pet store while she looked at leashes--doesn't that count for something?)