Moe Speaks: I Have Seen What Heaven Is...

...and Mom calls it "Thanksgiving"!

Seriously, it was the most incredible day. We hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's for the afternoon where we got HAM. Just a tiny bite, but it was tasty.

Then we went to see other Grandma at Aunt Sheri's and I got to play with Ellie. She's a golden retriever, but she's just a baby so we're just about the same size. I hope she still likes me when she gets bigger, we had lots of fun wrestling in the leaves.

And if that wasn't enough for one day! After that Mom took me to Aunt Tara's house. Aunt Tara really isn't my aunt, but her and Mom used to live together so we call her my aunt. I got to meet her dog Opal, who lived with Porter House when Mom and Aunt Tara lived together. Opal was pretty cool too. She didn't want to play much, but she has the greatest TOY BASKET! And she shared them all with me--she didn't mind at all. 

Thanksgiving...such a good kind of day, I wonder when we'll have another one?