Moe Speaks: I've Been Naughty

We're going to see Santa tomorrow and Mom says she's going to tell him how naughty I've been today. I got the low down on Santa from Porter the other day, and she told me that if we're good he brings us presents. But I was pretty bad today, and now I'm a little worried.

First I kept trying to eat Mom's broom and rake while she was doing yard work, so she put me inside. But I didn't want to be inside, so I jumped up on the window ledge. The sage plant was in my way, so I moved it...onto the floor. Yeah, that was a big crash. 

After Mom came in from her yard work and cleaned that up, she let me outside to go potty. But--I couldn't believe it--someone had covered her rose bushes all up with some sort of wood-like stuff. So, I uncovered them for her. I thought I was being thoughtful, but for some reason, Mom was mad again.

And then, after dinner, I was sitting on the couch with Mom and Porter was trying to boss me into moving out of the way. I had the high ground, but sometimes Port gets a little scary when she's being jealous. So, I decided to let her win and jumped over Mom to get out of her way. I'm little, and pretty nimble, so it shouldn't have been a big deal.

Unfortunately Porter is big and kinda clumsy, and she chased me over the top of Mom's lap, knocking Mom's computer to the floor and breaking a glass as she went.

But that last one wasn't all my fault! And really am a good dog now...well, six days out of seven, at least. I don't mean to be bad. Maybe if I'm really good for the rest of the night and tomorrow morning she'll forget to tell Santa about today.