Wrapping Roses

Had to go out and give the roses some cover yesterday. I'm worried that they won't make it outside this winter, but we don't have any place to bring them into so they'll have to do the best they can. I covered the pots and the lower parts of the canes with burlap and cedar, and gave them a little water. Maybe they'll make it, it's been pretty cold this past week and they're still hanging in there.

It seems kind of sad to have to be winterizing the roses in the first place. I'd rather think of them making beautiful, warm roses then outside shivering and bare. After about two months of waiting and wishing for winter, I found myself thinking about the first day of summer, when Sweet Husband and I went to the rose garden in Kansas City. I know that it really was hot and there were mosquitoes, but in my imagination it was a perfectly warm, perfectly wonderful day.

This is a new turn of events for me, I usually don't start thinking of spring until after Christmas, at least....

(Update: Well we ended up finding inside space for the roses after all. Moe decided he just couldn't leave those nice big bags of mulch alone. After I rebundled them four or five times (and got progressively more frustrated each time) Sweet Husband finally said he thought it would be easier to just make space in our attic. Rearranging was a pain (it's things like this that are why he is SWEET Husband) but we finally puzzle-pieced everything in.)