Now That's a Tree Topper

Since last year, the grocery store where we shop has had these Jayhawk handpuppets on sale. Everytime we went shopping I would pick one up and torment Sweet Husband with it--pecking him on the ear, handing him things from it's mouth, talking as if the Jayhawk were talking--you know, usual stuff. When we were done, I would always abandon the puppet in the check-out line.

Meanwhile, I've been looking for a tree topper for our Christmas tree. We weren't really into stars or bows. I kind of like angels, but the wings on Christmas tree angels these days are a little creepy. So, I started looking for an angel without wings. Sweet Husband said an angel without wings was not an angel. What I was really looking for was a "reasonably attractive Christmas woman"--a thing that does not exist in the form of a tree topper.

So, then we went grocery shopping again, only this time the Jayhawk puppets were way on sale. I'm guessing they decided it was no longer cost effective for them to keep moving them back to their place with people leaving them all over the store. We decided (okay, I decided) that for $2 we could take one home and torment people with him all the time! This happened to be the same day the Christmas tree went up, and, oh look, the space for a hand was the perfect thing to keep him on the tree....

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!