Moe Speaks: Lots of Fuzzy White Stuff

I woke up this morning and went outside and the fuzzy white stuff was coming down again, only this time it was falling hard and it was staying on the ground! This is a strange time of year, I think. First Mom put up the funny fake tree, and then presents, and now the fuzzy white stuff is back.

Only it's not so fuzzy once it's on the ground. It's actually really cold on my paws. I like to go out into it for a second and then run back inside. Mom said that if I keep doing that all day our heat bill (whatever that is) will be outrageous. I think that must be a bad thing, because after she'd let me in and out a few times, she stopped answering my bell. (I ring a bell when I want to go outside.) But I really wanted to keep investigating, so I found a Christmas bell that's where I can reach it in the kitchen and started ringing that like crazy, hoping she'd get the hint. She started laughing really hard and scooped me up and said, "Ok, just ONE MORE time."

I have her wrapped around my paw.