Cockroach Reunion



The hissing cockroaches from the Kid's class were so much fun last time they visited, that we decided to have them back for Christmas break.

Actually, I chose to have them back because they're the easiest to take care of.  Because they're temporary visitors, I don't have to clean their cage, and I'm convinced that they could survive for months on a small handful of the dog food that they eat.  The only daily task is topping up their water--easy enough.

Indeed, the cockroaches lead a placid existence, in general, but they did have one big event since last we spoke of them.  Sometime between last March and December, the family welcomed a new addition.  Along with Papa Roach and Mama #1 and Mama #2, we've been hosting Baby Roach, as well.

Baby is so tiny--about the size of the tip of your thumb--that we've hardly seen her.  She(?) seems to spend most of her days hiding under a log, while Papa and the Mamas prefer sunbathing on top of their rock house.

As with last time, I can't quite decide if they're fascinating or revolting.  In either event, we spent some time with them, but now they're safely back at school.