Moe Speaks: Not Earning My Keep

Mom says that we're going to have a lot of company next weekend. I don't really understand exactly what's going to be happening--she called it a "graduation". But the upshot is that my Grandmas and Grandpa and Great Grandma and Aunt Madi are coming from Pittsburg; Grandma-Great is coming from Wamego; and even Grandpa and Grandma Jill are coming from California--that's a lot of people!

So, Mom was doing some cleaning to get ready and she found a mouse! Well, she didn't actually see the mouse, but she said there was "evidence" whatever that is. So she got out this stinky stuff that made me choke and scrubbed the whole kitchen. Then Dad put out some of those little brown things that they put peanut butter on (but I'm not allowed to get close to them).

Mom says she knows it's not my fault, but I feel a I've failed at my duty. We can't get a cat (dad's allergic) and Porter's too big and clumsy to be of any help. But I'm a terrier, darn it! My ancestors have been bred to catch mice for thousand of years--this is my job! And Mom and Dad love me and feed me and buy me toys--it's the least I could do. 

And I'm going to, golly gosh! Those mice better watch out, I'm a terrier on the hunt!