Putting the House in Order

Isn't it funny the things you don't even notice you're living without until company is coming? For example, until today, Sweet Husband and I had a total of two washcloths. I have mine and he has his and when they're dirty we wash them. I didn't even realize we only had two until I went to lay some out so that Mom and Sister could find them, and saw that there were none to lay out.

Funnier still are the things you live with. In the past few days we have cleaned behind the fridge, in the space between the washer and dryer, our spare room (which now looks almost homey, compared to the tornado-has-just-passed-through motif we had going on a few days ago), and several other nooks and crannies that probably wouldn't have seen the light of day for several more months at least, if not for the fact that our Mommies are both coming tomorrow. (Not to say we wouldn't have cleaned for you too, Dads, but you know how it is....)

And it's not that either of our Moms don't know we're both kinda messy. They raised us, they know how we are. So why the show? Are we trying to prove that we're all grown up? That we're capable of taking care of ourselves? That some of their lessons did sink in?

I'm not sure. But I do know one thing with absolute certainty--there is not a single dust bunny behind our refridgerator.