Moe Speaks: At Grandma-Great's House

Shortly after Porter went with Grandma yesterday (Mom says no worries about that, by the way, we'll see her again in a few days) Mom and Dad and I left for Grandma-Great's house. We drove for about two hours in the snow to get here, but I had the whole backseat to myself, so that was kinda nice. 

There are lots of things to investigate here. Mom and Dad and I are sleeping in the basement and they got a little mad at me last night 'cause I wanted to explore and they said it was time for sleeping. But I did manage to find a whole bag full of stuffed animals to kill. Mom made me put most of them away, but she let me keep a penguin. He looks like one of those birds from that movie we watched.

The most fun thing has been playing in the snow. It comes all the way up to my belly, and every few hours Mom and Dad have been taking me for a walk because Grandma-Great doesn't have a fence in her yard so I can't go make poop by myself.

I was a little worried when some kids came over last night. Mom says they're my cousins, but they're people, not puppies. They were a little scary at first, but pretty soon we figured out how to play together and it was fun. They wore me out!

Overall, things are going ok.