Pink-ety Pouf Pouf

Silly title? Yes. Accurate? Well, see for yourself.
As you will recall, I bought five "Woodstock" hyacinth bulbs, back at the end of October. I chilled three, but left these two unchilled as an experiment. The bulb book said they should be blooming towards the end of January, so the unchilled bulbs have bloomed about a month earlier than they really should have.

Also, as of right now at least, they really are just two little poufs. The stems haven't really grown at all. I thought that unchilled bulbs would grow just stems, with no blossom, but instead I have all blossom and no stem. But maybe they just haven't hit their growth spurt yet.

As for the color, eh, pink isn't so much my thing--Sweet Husband actually picked these out. If I remember correctly, we'd been in the store for quite awhile. I couldn't decide so I told him to just pick something. He grabbed the first bulbs he could get his hands on, and, well, when you've asked someone to decide for you it's not nice to second-guess.

But, even though I probably wouldn't grow this variety again, they are kinda cute.