"Encouraging" Mold

I checked on the tulips and daffodils in the fridge today. I had wrapped them in aluminum foil to keep things from the fridge from falling into the pots and visa-versa, but I don't think that was the right thing to do. When I took off the foil, I discovered that instead of just encouraging bulbs, I was also encouraging some fuzzy, white, catepillar-like mold.

I watered the pots, to rinse away the mold, and also lifted up one of the tulips to make sure they weren't just rotting. The tulip I lifted had about two inches of thin root growth, but no sprouting on top at all. The bulb book says I should be able to pull them out of the fridge about now, but I think I'm going to put them back in for a few more weeks--covered with ventilated plastic this time--just to make sure they've had long enough to chill.

I also potted up the Muscari, but I think I'm going to have to go back to the library and recheck out the bulb book to make sure I've done it right. The notes I made for myself say to chill for eight weeks and then put them in rocks and water, but the rest of the world says to chill longer and pot up in dirt. Until I have time to get to the library, I'll trust myself and leave them in the water, but I may be doing some fiddling soon.