Urban Chickens

After agonizing for a few minutes about which he really wanted, Sweet Husband swapped me his Hastings gift card for my Borders gift card so that I could buy the book, Keep Chickens! Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces, by Barbara Kilarski.

I read the book yesterday evening (don't worry, Mom, I did my bar review homework first) and I am completely inspired! The author keeps a three chicken flock in her small yard--which also includes landscaping and flowers and veggies--in Portland. I had always thought my imaginary flock would have to wait many, many years before becoming a reality. And while we would definitely get evicted for having chickens now, I think it will be possible much sooner than I thought.

The trick, according to the author, is to keep the flock small--she says her three chickens provide plenty of eggs for her family and even some to give away. Also, she emphasizes keeping the coop clean and getting your neighbors involved in order to minimize complaints. Lastly, although a cursory glance at the Lawrence city ordinances seemed to say that they aren't illegal in Lawrence as in Portland, she says absolutely don't get a rooster. They aren't necessary if you just want eggs, and they're loud.

And the pictures of creative coops at the end are very groovy!
They inspired me to do a search online. I kind of like this one as a base, but I'd definitely want to add some whimsical details. The website I found this on had the option of adding a green roof (i.e. putting grass on the roof) which would be a fun place to start. I also think I'd have to paint it a wild color--maybe a nice grapey purple.

I think I'm going to make finding more designs a winter evening project--an imaginary coop for my imaginary flock.