Moe Speaks: A Nasty Green Thing

Mom dropped a little piece of green food on the floor today (later I heard her tell Dad it was called a "pickle"). Usually the rule it that stuff that's on the floor is fair game, so I went over and picked it up for a snack.

And I spit it out as fast as I could! It was a yucky, nasty thing! After I spit it out I decided that it needed to be killed--or at least scared--so I ran circles around it and growled at it. I think Mom must have been scared of the green thing too. When I started barking at it she put her head in her hands and shook and made a funny noise. When she lifted her head back up she had tears in her eyes.

But then Porter came over thinking she could steal it from me. Well, I can't have her thinking she can just take my stuff. So I was really brave and swallowed it whole.