Moe Speaks: My Day-Late Birthday Field Trip--Eagle Days With No Eagles

Mom, Dad, Porter and I went to Clinton Lake today for a field trip. We were looking for some bald eagles that are spending the winter there. I wasn't sure that I even wanted to see an eagle to tell you the truth. Mom said they're really big birds and I was secretly a little afraid one might try to carry me off! 

As it turned out, there were no worries. We couldn't find the eagles so we just had a nice walk in the woods on one of the trails. I really like walking in the woods--lots of good smells--so it was a great happy birthday trip.

Later Mom and Dad brought us home and went to the river to try and see a different set of eagles. They found two, and Mom said they even got a few decent pictures. She posted them on her blog (see link on the right) if anyone is interested.