Moe Speaks: Ambitions

Now that I'm a whole year old and a grown man (even though Mom says I'll always be her "little man") it's time to set some goals. There are so many things I'd like to do, sometimes I feel like if I don't write them all down I might forget.

For starters, Mom signed me up for school again. We went once before, but I was really little and Mom said she didn't think I had the right kind of focus. (I was focused on sniffing out the pretty little Dachsaund that always stood next to us, and Mom wanted me to focus on other things!) This time I want to do better. Mom says if I get through a few classes well and we work really hard, she'll let me try for my CGC in late spring or early summer.

Number two--earthdog. Finding events that are close enough to go to has proven to be a big problem, but I want to try out a few of the Missouri Earthdogs Fun Days once they start up again in the spring. I'm really good at sussing out where Poppy and Crocus (my mice) have been, and I can't wait to practice on a real course.

Last, but not least, Mom has discovered a group called "Dog Scouts". The nearest troop is an hour away, but we're going to go to a few meetings and see if we like it. I think it might be just the thing for us because they do lots of activities instead of focusing on just one. I'm hoping it will be a way that I can learn lots of new things. At the very least I want to earn the Dog Scouts backpacking title. Mom has ordered me a new pack, and today we gathered up all the stuff that has to go into it. I'm excited to try my pack on when it gets here and to start logging my miles.

So, those are my goals--wish me luck!